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I recently had the pleasure of attending a beginner yoga class with Clare Elizabeth Yoga, and I must say, it was an incredible experience.  As someone who is fairly new to yoga, I was a bit apprehensive and unsure of what to expect.  However, the class exceeded all my expectations and left me feeling inspired and rejuvenated. 


First and foremost, Clare was absolutely fantastic.  Clare created a warm and welcoming environment, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease.  She patiently guided us through each pose, providing clear instructions and gentle corrections when needed.  Clare's calming voice and positive energy set the tone for the entire class and made it a truly enjoyable experience.

-Stephanie C.

Haven't taken a yoga class in years. But after taking class with Clare I really looked forward to my personal time for reset and balance.  Clare provides a welcoming place to share her skills as a yogi and allow beginners to achieve balance both physically and mentally. Thank you Clare! Namaste!

-Maryellen O.

Clare Elizabeth Yoga is amazing. Clare has kindness, acceptance and love in her heart and it is shown and felt through her yoga practice. As a yoga beginner, I felt comfortable and guided throughout my classes. If a pose seemed to push my limits Clare would intuitively offer modifications as well as encouragement. I felt success and a sense of peace after every class. Perhaps the most impactful part of Clare's yoga classes is what stayed with me "off the mat." Throughout the weeks after her classes, I would find myself using the new tools I had learned such as breath work and grounding mantras. When I feel my mind racing, these tools help me still my brain and restore a sense of inner balance and peace. Thank you Clare for spreading yoga goodness!!!

-Maureen C.

Clare has such a positive, generous spirit that exudes calmness and acceptance. I greatly benefited from her online classes. I not only benefited physically but throughout the week I repeated the mantras that allowed me to remain present and calm. Clare Elizabeth Yoga is the best!!

-Laura C.

Clare elizabeth: montra - yoga, health, wellness.. to take classes from Clare is to know that sharing this montra with you is her passion and joy!  Clare’s classes are wonderful and practice the art of yoga in a calming and effective way. She always keeps in mind the everyday body challenges and offers alternative poses, as well as challenging ones. Through stretching, postures, breathing and meditation I always leave feeling refreshed - I highly recommend!!

-Jenn L.

Clare Elizabeth Yoga is so much more than simply taking a yoga class.  She focuses on wellness and the entire mind, body, and soul.  As a working mom, I didn't think I had time to add "one more thing" to my plate.  However, Clare's yoga classes were the perfect recipe for adding calm, peace, and healing into my life.  My 7 year old daughter also took a 2 month session of Clare's weekly classes around the time she had developed some anxiety and trouble sleeping.  I was amazed how just one session with Clare had her running home with a huge smile, eager to share some strategies she learned with breathwork or when she "has a worry."  Her sleep issues improved through Clares classes, and Clare was able to create an age appropriate explanation and understanding of peace and calmness.  I am forever grateful to Clare for the way her yoga classes and positive attitude have inspired me and improved the quality of life for both myself and my daughter.  

-Jamie S.

Clare is an amazing Yoga Instructor who cares about the wellbeing of her students, both adults and children. I’ve participated in several of her Yoga classes and feel so energized and relaxed afterwards. I highly recommend Clare for a great Yoga experience !

-Debbie C.

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