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Clare Elizabeth Yoga
Clare Elizabeth Yoga
Clare Elizabeth Yoga


Private Sessions  

Designed specifically for you.  In the introductory session, questions will be asked regarding your health and wellness goals.  We will work together at creating a routine that suits your needs, tailored and personalized for you.  Each private session is one hour. 


$55.00 - community rate 

$70.00 - fair market rate 

$85 .00 - pay it forward rate 

Beginner Classes For Women:


$40 =Commuinity Rate (4 classes) 

$60= Fair market Rate (4 classes )

$80=Pay It Forward Rate (4 classes) 


The middle price ($60) is the fair market price. 

The higher price ($80) is called "pay it forward" because their extra ($20) helps another human at the community rate. 

*Pay by Venmo @Clare-Rainwater or cash before or at the beginning of each class*

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